Traders are everything. Go for beta-testing

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Very few people know that the team has a special attitude towards people who have dedicated their career to crypto-currency trading – you are not just our service users or clients, we consider you as the true part of our platform team.

The platform looks simple, but it is a revolutionary concept that changes business completely. We understand that the platform business is turned “inside-out” as the most part of the platform value is created by the users, so a successful platform should shift the business focus to the outside activities. We concentrate on people and the resources existing outside the company, not inside, as the most resources are provided by the community and in the first place, the trader community. Everything depends on you: the response time to the applications of customers buying and selling cryptocurrency, the range of payment methods, the rate of cryptocurrency return when buying and the speed of crediting fiat when selling it. You are a part of our team and it’s not just fancy words: We made trading free for everyone on our platform, with no payments. Creating a joint business we work with every trader who is ready to share his or her ideas, problems and wishes to keep developing in the right direction as the only way to assess our efforts is to see how we can help you on your road. 

At the moment we are finishing the development of the first version of your personal account and really want to know your opinion about it as soon as possible, so we made a section for you on the site with the opportunity to sign up for beta testing. Each of the sign-ups will receive a notification on the day of the personal account launch and will be one of the first to assess its convenience and efficiency, as well as make an invaluable contribution to the development of our service. Furthermore, each of the beta-test sign-ups will be invited to an online meeting where you’ll be able to share your ideas in relation to our joint business. One more thing, all the active traders will receive the company’s merchandise, all in order to thank your honesty and participation. Thank you for being with us!

Go for beta-testing!